Blue Willow Farm Moving Trees in Your Yard

Have you ever needed to clear some trees in your backyard? It can be a really fun experience. It can also be a headache depending on how you look at it. A lot of people will struggle to find a way to do this. They will either use the wrong tools or cut down the wrong trees or end up hurting themselves. When tackling a project like this you need to think about several things:

  1. Make Safety priority #1. There are so many people that either get hurt or killed from using chain saws every year. It is one of the most dangerous tools to use. If it is not the chain saw, then different cutting elements can be very dangerous. You need to take extreme caution as you approach this project. Making sure you protect yourself or those around you should be a huge priority. You also need to make sure you wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt. You might also want to stop by your local Lowe’s store to get goggles for your eyes as well as some gloves. The important thing to remember is make safety first. Whatever you need to do this is extremely important.
  2. Choosing the right instruments. One of the best tools to go about cutting down trees is a chain saw. It is a very powerful tool and it can do the job fast. However, if you are inexperienced, then you can run into a ton of problems. If you have never used a chain saw before, then make sure you watch tutorial videos like this video here. You will need some time to practice on some smaller trees. I would suggest you start with smaller trees to be a feel for how it works. You definitely want to cut it at an angle in the direction that you would like for it to fall. Some other tools you might need are saws as well as a gas powered extension saw that will help you cut down branches.
  3. Get a game plan for what trees, shrubs, and bushes you want to take down. A lot of people don’t know where to get started. You want to look at your landscape and get a feel for what needs to be cut down. Any weed like plants or smaller trees would be great to cut down. You typically want to leave the larger trees. Some trees might be dead. Here is a great tree service company that is helpful in thinking through dead or diseased trees-
  4. Finally, you want have a game plan for how to take of all of the things you have cut down. Or you might have a place on your property where you can take your cut down items. Discarding these trees will be important to get it off of your property and out of the way.

We hope this has been helpful as you think about the need to cut down trees at your home. If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us.

Blue Willow Tree Farms

Starting in November we will be opening up our tree services to the residents of New York. If you are looking for a tree service company to come and help with your tree services, then please feel free to contact us. We are also starting a tree farm that will be available for people to chop down Christmas trees. If you are looking for a live Christmas tree, then we are the perfect place to come and get one. Our trees are normally below $100 so you can get a great tree at a great price.